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The 4200 Monoplace chamber system is a single lock hyperbaric chamber designed for clinical hyperbaric therapy applications not involving decompression exposures.


The single lock design helps minimize size, weight and cost of the chamber where those items are important. The 42" diameter chamber is most suitable where available space is limited. The chamber is pressurized with air while patient breathes oxygen through a hood or mask. The pressure and ventilation controls are pneumatically operated and require no electrical power.


Easy to Use

The state of the art pneumatic controls of the 4200 series chambers are very easy to operate with minimum maintenance. Chamber and its controls are designed with the patient's comfort and safety in mind.

Minimum operator input is required for normal treatment protocols. However, pressurization and ventilation controls are easily adjustable as needed to meet any prescribed protocol.

The chamber includes an intercom system that allows two-way communication between the operator and the patient. This system also permits audio and video entertainment for the patient. The communications are powered through a small power supply that plugs into a standard 110/220 VAC wall outlet. The communication system is also provided with an on­board battery backup to supply power to the communication system in the event of a power outage.

   Key Features:

  • Spacious Interior.

  • Door seals with pressure - No mechanical latching is required.

  • (3) 10” diameter PVHO compliant windows are provided for viewing and lighting purposes.

  • (1) 10" diameter PVHO compliant window is provided for watching video inside the chamber.

  • Easy to use, semi-automatic pressurization, depressurization, and ventilation controls.

  • Includes pressurization and depressurization controls operable from inside the chamber.   Consequently, patient self-exit is possible.

  • Constant oxygen monitoring with oxygen analyzer system.

  • Provided with (4) IV fluid passthrough ports.

  • 4 wheel castors for easy chamber movement.

  • Requires low maintenance as most of the key components are pneumatically operated.

  • Chamber comes in four attractive color choices: White, Turquoise, Light Gray, Aqua Blue.

All of PCCI Hyperbaric Systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
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