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PCCI Model 5406D Shuttle chamber is a dual lock system designed for transporting tunnel workers from TBM Manlock to a topside Medical Air Lock or SAT system. The Shuttle System can be equipped to perform short duration SAT dives if needed. The system comes with an attached or detached type control console that can be placed on a side or rear of the shuttle.

The system entry doorway is equipped with industry standard coupler  to accomodate industry standard couplers

(NATO, Tube Turns, or similar) for easy connection to a shuttle chamber, TUP (Transfer Under Pressure) or other chambers.


Model 5406D Shuttle system is equipped with a detachable type console comes enclosed in a ruggedly built

5’ X 5’ frame for easy handling and transportability. This configuration is convenient for smaller diameter tunnels

where access is minimal and working with a side mounted control console is difficult.

DSCN2488 Logo Tunnel Display

DSCN2488 Logo Tunnel Display

DSCN2488 Logo Tunnel Display - Crop

DSCN2488 Logo Tunnel Display - Crop

Shuttle controle console

main chamber

Sat Systems Thumbnail.jpg
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