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we welcome challenges to problem solve as a team.

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PCCI HYPERBARIC SYSTEMS and its predecessor has had the privilege to be involved with many projects over the past several decades - we look forward to adding your project.


Here are just a few of significant and recent projects:


Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Hyperbaric Research Facility, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC USA  • Medical Center Hospital - Conroe, TX USA • NASA, Johnson Space Flight Center, Houston, TX USA

Northern Westchester Hospital - Mount Kisco, NY USA • Bangladesh Navy - Chittagong, Bangladesh

 Aqua-fitness-Bangkok, Thailand •  HBO2Works - Dallas, TX USA• Kadena Air Force Base - Okinawa, Japan

Northwestern Health & Lifestyle-Bentonville, AR USA • San Francisco Institute for Hyperbaric Oxygen - San Francisco, CA USA • Haelen Hyperbaric Clinic - Austin, TX USA • U. S. Navy - Office of Naval Research 

Viaduct Tunnel Project-Seattle, WA USA • Viaduct Tunnel Project-Seattle, WA USA • Port Mann River Crossing Surface Support Chamber-Vancouver, B.C. Canada • Sound Transit Tunnel Project "Medical Air Lock" - Seattle, WA USA

Portsmouth Naval Hospital Hyperbaric Facility - Portsmouth Naval Base - VA USA

Wright Patterson Clinical Hyperbaric Facility - Wright Patterson Air Force Base - Dayton, OH USA

Containerized Chamber System with On-Board Oxygen Generation • Jefferson C. Davis Hyperbaric Center  Brooks Air Force Base , TX USA • Virginia Mason Medical Center - Seattle, WA USA

David Grant Clinical Hyperbaric Facility - Travis Air Force Base, CA USA • U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine - Natick, MA